Josh Brittain is 18 and from  Hickory, NC. Josh is very active and enjoys playing baseball and riding his dirt bike. All that changed for Josh in February 2014 when Josh was left paralyzed from a freak mountain bike accident. He fractured C3 and C4 and had a burst fracture at T8 with a spinal cord injury.  The injury left Josh paralyzed from the waist down with full function of his arms.

Josh has made great progress these past few months with his physical therapy and rehabilitation.  We want to continue this progress.  Josh goes twice a week to a state-of-the-art therapy facility called “Race to Walk” in Mooresville, NC.  It offers advanced therapy unlike most rehab centers. This facility is not covered by insurance and is strictly out-of-pocket. This place has done wonders for Josh and we are trying to raise money so that he can continue his progress there. Josh is an inspiring young man with a positive attitude who always wears a smile.  He has already faced more than most of us can imagine. Thank you so much.

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