Devvin’s Story

After being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at age 10, I have spent the majority of my life fighting the inevitable deterioration of my health. As an adult, things became much more difficult and expensive to manage due to the fact that insurance companies consider diabetes as pre-existing and therefore will not cover it. I have had to stay at low paying jobs for fear of losing my company based coverage. Eventually my conditions reduced ability to control it took a toll on my kidneys and now I am having Stage 5 renal failure. Along with that diagnosis, I suffered a debilitating stroke that hospitalized me for 4 months.

Ever since my release from the hospital I have been fully engaged in yet another battle (learning to walk again). It has been extremely humbling to go from being self—sufficient to a 38 year old dependent. From an active sportsman and avid dancer to someone who can barely summon the strength to make it to the kitchen for a meal. In spite of it all, I remain optimistic and faithful that my God has a greater plan for me than what I can see now and I am determined to fulfill my purpose.

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