Kain’s Story

My name is Kain and I am a psychiatric resident physician at Atrium Health. On Friday, May 24, 2019, my entire life was changed. I was working out at the YMCA in Savannah, GA (I was visiting my mom) when I experienced a hemorrhagic stroke secondary to an AVmalformation rupture. I was taken to immediate neurosurgery where they performed an emergent right-sided hemicraniectomy and AVM repair.

I was placed into a medically induced coma for several weeks after the surgery. I then was transferred to the Shepherd Center where I completed inpatient rehab and underwent further neurosurgeries as they re-assembled my skull. I was a very active person prior to my stroke, and although I do have left arm and leg weakness, I plan on working my hardest to maximize my recovery to return to “baseline Kain.”

Anything that can help me return to my baseline function is invaluable to me and my family. My livelihood depends on being active, and this grant would assist in attaining my “pre-stroke” level of fitness.

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