Waiel’s Story

Waiel was having a period of fevers and vomiting. After a few days with no sign of improvement, we took him to his pediatrician who decided it was a viral infection and gave him medicine to suppress his nausea. After a day of no incidents, he began to vomit again despite still being on the same medication. His pediatrician recommended we go to the ER.

When we arrived, his fever was still present. ER took some scans and held him overnight, after taking blood cultures. He was released the next day and declared to have recovered. We traveled to Virginia later that day and by the time we had arrived, he could not move his legs. We rushed to the nearby ER and by then he could not keep his balance. Because he has autism, he never told us something was wrong. He was later diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis.

This grant will mean that Waviel can continue cycling under electro-stimulant therapy, which will exercise his leg and keep his muscles from breaking down. To us, it is vital that he does not lose muscle tone in his leg in case he does recover.

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