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Seeing #AbledsAreWeird trending makes me feel less alone. I see others out there that have to do without groceries like me- because, yes I really do need one of those two handicapped spots at the store. If I don't get one I have to drive around till one is free or go home.

“This is the amazing outcome of your generosity! Basher is now able to get up and down stairs after his intensive training at Race To Walk.
I was really blown away, but never surprised…

This article by @harshadarajani on what it was like to live with locked-in syndrome — being trapped in her own body after a stroke — is easily one of the most interesting pieces I've edited all year: via @SheKnows

“As a 23 year old student in Daraa, Syria, Basher joined a group distributing food to households during a regime induced siege on his city. He was arrested with hundreds of others on the…

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