This is a story of my son Cody K. At 1:00am, July 2, 2011 in Wilmington, NC, at age 21, Cody was crossing the street with some friends and was struck by a hit and run driver. This left him with a traumatic brain injury and at death’s door. In a coma for four months, this was a devastating thing for the family. He finally woke up and spent 2 more months in rehab.

It has been a long journey for Cody and his family. He is an inspiration to all people with the determination this young man has to make his way back. The person he has become has been a blessing. He has started on-line classes to finish his degree, as he was to be a senior at Pembroke University. He attends church every Sunday. He currently attends Race To Walk ( to help him continue to improve, Cody looks forward to this every week! Although the financial part is hard, whatever it takes to help this young man be the best he can be. It would be very appreciated to have some financial relief.

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