My name is Malik and I’m 22 years old. Prior to my accident, I was a carefree, happy young adult, trying to find my way in life- working towards going back to school and finding employment.
On Sunday, November 12, 2017, my life was forever changed. I fell asleep while driving and had a single car accident, injuring my spinal cord (c4/5). The road to recovery has been tough, as I try to get used to my new normal. I have a two year old son whose life I want to be a part of and so I’m working hard to regain as much movement as possible.
This grant would mean a lot to me and my family as it would allow me the opportunity to receive more intense physical therapy, increasing the chances of regaining more movement, which would make independent living easier for me and my mother (who is a single parent raising my younger sister and my two year old son).

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