In the summer of 2015 I went for a motorcycle ride with my friend as I had done for many years, only to wake up at the hospital. Still sleepy, I said I would be back on my feet by the next week. I’m a professional dancer and not being back on the dance floor is unimaginable. I’m a single mother of two beautiful daughters. I want to show my girls that nothing can keep you from your achievements of your dreams. Some obstacles are greater than others, but perseverance and a positive attitude will help them reach and surpass them. I have since gone back to college and working on continuing my education. The most important thing to me is to set a good example for my girls.
This grant would allow me to go to therapy with a clear conscience. I understand the benefits of therapy, but when finances are tight it’s hard to not feel guilty. My girls would also benefit from having a stronger mom to be able to join them in more activities than I do now.

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