On August 21, 2016, I went on a horse trail in Burbank, CA. When the horse I was riding bolted in a sprint the length of a football field and threw me into a concrete tunnel wall where I suffered multiple brain injuries on my frontal, temporal and occipital lobes. It left me in a coma for three months. At six months, I had a prosthetic flap to replace the right side of my skull at CMC, then transferred to Carolinas Rehab for two months of intensive physical therapy. This year 2018, Medicaid will only cover three therapy treatments for the year. I’m desiring to learn to swallow.

This grant will hopefully and prayerfully advance my recovery rapidly. I’m a fighter not a quitter. I will plow, push and press through all my obstacles with faith till I can be the best I can be physically, mentally and spiritually.

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