On August 17, 2017, my husband uprooted our family to Charlotte, NC where he was transferred for work. We moved from Rochester, NY where I worked as a pulpit rabbi. The weather was a welcome change to the harsh winters of Upstate NY, but I had to leave my beloved synagogue and congregants behind. One month to the day after our move, on September 17, 2017, I was rushed to the ER because I fainted and couldn’t walk or speak very well. CAT scans revealed our worst fears, that I had had a stroke. This was extremely shocking, because I was someone who worked out at least 5 days a week, watched what I ate and was in all around good health before the stroke.
This grant will allow me to get more therapy that I still desperately need in order to get my life back together. To be an active mom once again would be the best gift I could ever ask for!

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