A beloved retired teacher, doting mother, and instant friend to all who meet her, Bobbie had suffered several small strokes and a bout of Bell’s Palsy. In the summer of 2016, she was finally getting her strength back and exercising every day to ready herself for the trip of a lifetime she was planning to Spain during the holidays. Unfortunately, before this could happen, she had a severe CVA that left her bedridden and unable to walk, sit, stand, feed herself, or even use a phone. Ever the optimist, Bobbie is fighting for recovery and independence through increased mobility for better quality of life, and maybe just maybe, to one day still see Spain.
This grant will mean Increased Mobility! Also hope for more gains. Using the FES cycle during rehab has boosted Bobbie’s spirits. It’s given her movement, and after use of the cycle, she moves her leg and foot up on command more at home. Who knows what improvements might come with continued use?

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